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UAV Custom is a Customized UAV Technologies, Services and Consulting provider company based on its know-how in intelligent flight technologies.

Drone As A Service

We offer uniquely positioned and comprehensive drone services. Whether you work in utilities, construction, insurance, oil and gas, or agriculture, we’ll help you to complete digital transformation in your business.

Unmanned Traffic Control

With the next generation "Unmanned Traffic Management", you can plan your "Unmanned Aerial Vehicle" flight path and be in the communication with the other parties like official authorities.

PR and Marketing

Discover how you can create a difference in your marketing campaigns using drones either as actors or as assistant tools.

UAV  Integration

UAV Custom will work with you to design a custom-built enterprise solution for your business. We invest time in understanding your business, bottlenecks, pain-points, as well as your unique customer journey.
We will set up a cutting-edge resource, workflow, and fleet management enterprise system designed to monetize your existing capabilities and drive innovative new services using Agile methodologies for maximum flexibility and fast delivery in a dynamic environment.
We will make sure your organization can navigate the airspace, as well as a complex regulatory environment, safely, securely, and efficiently, while fully compliant with regulatory agencies.
We will provide you with operational guidance and support required to set up safe and reliable commercial drone operation whether you are setting up a new operation from the ground up, or looking to manage an existing fleet.

Drone As A Service

Construction business is growing up. Drones can offer safe and low-cost inspection solutions and monitoring.

Utility and asset management will be critical in the future. Regular inspections and maintenance will be necessary to avoid outage.

Even now, many airlines are using drones to speed up the inspection process and to catch smallest crack on the plane.

Unmanned Traffic Management

With the next generation "Unmanned Traffic Management", you can plan your "Unmanned Aerial Vehicle" flight path and be in the communication with the other parties like official authorities.

PR And Marketing

Marketing industry is feeling the disruption ,as well as other industries, of the drone technologies. Companies started to figure out various means to include drones in their marketing strategies such as PR campaigns, collaborations, drone video shootings, drone shows etc. Find out how your company can benefit from drones to catch up emerging trends in marketing.


Our Enterprise Consulting services include:
Workflow design, optimization, and automation Workflow integration into existing systems i.e. analytics engines Commercial fleet management setup Incident and business continuity planning Training on commercial flight planning tools Certifications training, including Part 107 guidance UAS data analytics Safety, regulatory compliance, and insurance guidance OUR FOCUS AREAS: TELECOM Aerial data driven decision making Structural preservation Defects identification Vegetation overgrowth management
CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE Utility, oil, and gas inspections
Perform faster inspections and lower the cost of operation Improve worker safety by minimizing use of manual climbers. Gather better and more accurate inspection information Proactive detection of issues using EO/IR sensors for inspecting flare stacks and chimneys while operating
INSURANCE INSPECTIONS Perform damage assessments and collect accurate and timely data Drastically reduce the time needed for inspections Faster claims settlement process Generate high-resolution terrain data enabling accurate modeling Perform repeatable inspections and track the asset condition over time
CONSTRUCTION Perform historical comparisons Easy project updates and reporting Change detection over time Quality control and safety review Record Keeping Generate 2D Orthomosaics Perform Basic Measurements Generate 3D Surface Models Generate Digital Elevation Models Perform Volumetric Analysis
LAW ENFORCEMENT AND PUBLIC SAFETY We work with law enforcement to set up workflows and design custom, FAA compliant, UAS programs to meet their needs. Our APIs can integrate with existing law enforcement databases. We can also work with clients to set up a stand-alone workflow from the ground up.
Accident and crime scenes can be documented with unmanned technology without disturbing the scene. Data can be shared with remotely located officers within minutes of arrival.
First responder aerial workflow and fleet management setup Enterprise management training Traffic Management training 3D Mapping Traffic accident assessment Search and rescue mission planning Crime scene documentation Event monitoring and data analysis Active shooter assessment Suspicious packages assessment

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